Fantastical 2 for iPhone App Reviews

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Good...but needs work

Still no option to hide passed appointments for a specific day. Not great UX for those of us with very busy days...


Overall a good app. Its my long time go to calendar app that I depend on - but Im feeling a bit wary. Ive noticed a bug which pretty much makes 3D Touch quick actions from the iPhone home screen pretty much unusable: Selecting + New Event from quick actions and then entering an event (e.g. Haircut at 1500 for 30 min) results in the event being created for the last date I viewed in the app (e.g. some date in the past). This is pretty serious. Please fix this.

Address problem

Generally happy with this app, although lately when I enter an appointment & give it an address, the map function does not work properly. I click on the address, but the app thinks its a phone number & tries to call it. Ive tried adding the word Street, abbreviating it to St, adding a postal code, but this does not help.

Great Calendar App

Had to find something to replace Sunrise now that its finally being shut down. Read around and couldnt escape Fantastical recommendations. Very pleased I followed those recommendations. Does everything Sunrise did and more. Well worth the investment on both iOS and OS X.


Awesome overall app but wish there was more customization options.

A decent app and imho a ripoff

This is a decent enough app for my iPhone and worth the $5. HOWEVER I dont think its worth another $10 for the privilege of loading it on my iPad.

Great app..highly recommend

This is a great app for those who need to see their calendar and reminders all in one screen. I use this app multiple times a day and it works great!! I would like to see some additional theme colors available for this in the future and I would like the ability to see birthdays appear on my calendar for several days prior to the event.

Great calendar app!

Love this app! Works easily- just type in what you want to add and it does it for you. Easy to follow. Love it!

Lacking Vision view of Scheudule

Im frustrated with the lack of a visual view of my day. I prefer to see blocks of time on a daily timeline like all other calander apps.

Surprisingly few features

I couldnt believe the lack of features after paying such a steep price for a calendar app. It hardly does anything more than the Apple calendar app.

Infinitely the best

I love the infinity scrolling through days. As I subscribe to multiple work and family calendars, the clarity it provides is unmatched, and is way better than seeing my day in messy overlapping blocks. And the "natural language" makes it possible to input events in seconds instead of minutes. Worth the money to get the desk top app as well. I have been using Fantastical for 2 months now and I could never go back.

Almost perfect

Needs travel time feature added! It would also be neat to have tags and projects.


After reading reviews of many apps and trying several Calendar apps I decided to go ahead and pay for this one. The pictures displayed show different colors and in the description it states that you can color code the calendar. Mine is black-and-white. I have gone through all the settings I could find and cannot get any color at all. It synced fine with my Google account and my calendar items are on there without color. It may seem trivial but that is one of the main ways I organize my calendar and I feel cheated that I was misled. I contacted support and have not heard anything from them. I would like my money back.

Apple Watch mostly awesome

Update update: Keeps messing up in syncing with Apple Watch and Reminders. Keeps bringing back old completed reminders. Not sure why, but really annoying. Update: seems to be fixed again. Removing one star because sometimes syncing with Apple Watch doesnt work. Luckily I wasnt relying on the information on my Apple Watch alone. Only was broken for half a day this time after like 2 months of flawless working, so not a huge deal. Still well worth the money. Could be Apples or Watchs fault I suppose. Old one star review: Synced flawlessly with Apple Watch for over a month, now its broken again. The correct information displays on the fantastical app on my phone, and the correct information displays on my reminders app, but the watch app shows no events for today when there should be. When I open the app on my watch, its showing yesterdays events as overdue and doesnt show anything for today. Tried deleting, restarting etc. Super frustrating because thats why I bought the app, so I could see my reminders and events on my large complication on my watch. When it works its really helpful and awesome, when it doesnt work its really frustrating. This happened before, then got fixed, so not sure why this keeps happening.

Love it

Love it guys but please include traffic alerts like the stock app please

Notification Center widget is really great

The widget for this app is very amazing, however I do have a suggestion that could really improve the app overall (I dont even know if its possible), but heres my idea. For users with 3D Touch is would be really cool if you could allow us to peek into our events/reminders from the Notification Center without opening the app (unless we pop into it of course). The app can sometimes seem slow to load certain things and also seems to have some lags when doing some things in the app, I wish that would be fixed. Overall its a pretty good app but could use some minor improvements. You also have really good support pages for both the Mac and iOS version so definitely keep that up, thats hard to find in software these days.

What a waste of money!

Since the "Sunrise" era of calendar apps is coming to an end, Im in the hunt for a new calendar app. After using this app for 24 hours, Im already over it. Theres no innovation here. This is like the native calendar app and reminders app for iPhone with couple of extra features. The iOS 10 upgrade might add those features to the natives app making fantastical app obsolete. Not easy to use. Not even close to the Sunrise app. Too bad Microsoft has to ruin that for all of us because they wanted to save their email app. Deleted after 5 days and reinstalled Sunrise app until I find a better app

WOW! So close to perfect

I have now used this calendar for a short while and am pleased I found this one. I can enter "lunch with mom Thursday at noon" and the calendar app does the rest. I do not have to enter a date or time. So I have to say "Wow." I dont care for the display but the calendar does everything I need a calendar to do: quickly schedule an appointment, send the appointment on to others (and myself as a reminder to put it in my hard copy calendar), utilize my contacts within the calendar, bring up a map for an appointment I am on the way to, carry over reminders, and all without clutter to distract from the purpose of the calendar. I dont want emoticons or cute colors, merely a functional calendar. A plus is the ability of the app to show the current date number on the app icon itself. Im not happy with the running display called the Dayticker. I would like to have the option of turning that off and just having a calendar that I could see by the week or month. However, this is my first iPhone and I looked at many calendar apps before deciding to purchase this one. I guess I was spoiled with the app I had before. This is the best I have found and the customer support is good.

Needs a Full month view with task written instead of dots.

Apps needs the option to open to a full month view that shows what your schedule is for each day written out instead of dots representing how many tasks you ha shot the day. Other than that, it would be a 5 star for me. Calendar widget alone is the best.


Love this app. Ive tried ALL the planning/ calendar apps and none of them work as well or are as reliable as Fantastical. My iPhone and iCloud Reminders sync flawlessly! I never have to worry if my event was saved to my Google calendar or my reminder was moved back a day. It will be there perfectly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ June 6, 2016 So the app really needs a new update! The last update to the iPhone app was March.

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